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strengtH Team 

Work with us on planning out your training for your next powerlifting meet or your offseason training. Our powerlifting team competes multiple times per year, with most of our lifters choosing to do 2 sanctioned meets per year, one in the spring and one in the fall. As a group, we have taken over 10 lifters to each of these meets that our team decides on. We work with all equipment levels of powerlifting - raw with or without knee wraps, single ply and multiply. You can join our team through joining the gym or purchasing the powerlifting programming in our online store.

We also offer remote programming for any strength athlete, whether you compete in strongman, weightlifting, or the highland games!

Powerlifting Client Testiomonial: 

“I came to Justin for some help with a set of pretty high goals to prepare for a Push-Pull powerlifting meet. Those goals being to: rehab my recently-injured leg, move up a weight class after having dieted all summer, and hit personal bests in both my bench press and deadlift. Justin’s programming delivered and then some. Having training alongside Justin for over a year, and seeing first-hand how he programmed, and how hard he worked, I had absolute faith that we could make it happen. The net results of 7 weeks of programming from Justin were that I gained 15lbs, hit a 50lb competition PR on bench press, hit a 5lb deadlift PR which was my first deadlift PR in over a year, and hit a 75lb PR on my Push/Pull total.” - Zach Howell

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