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I have been wanting to start highlighting some of the equipment that we have in the gym. I feel that our unique equipment (along with our environment) is one of the things that sets us apart from other gyms. So I wanted to do a few videos and articles on some of this equipment a little bit more in depth including how we set up and use it and what we use it for. The first company that I wanted to highlight is Spud Inc.

Spud Inc produces all kinds of strength in fitness equipment, with some of the most popular being their belts, bowtie, and their vast variety of training straps. It would be safe to say that almost every single workout that a member does in our gym uses some sort of Spud Inc product in that workout. I wanted to highlight a few of those products in this first article on equipment review which you can find below.

Spud Inc Thompson Bowtie: The bowtie was created by Donnie Thompson to help with proper shoulder positioning. It would be safe to say that probably half of our gym owns a bowtie and you can see a lot of people wearing them in their car rides to the gym when they have them on walking through the door. This is a very valuable piece in helping your shoulders feel much better.

Belt Squat Belt: We have them on our Wenning Belt Squat and have two different sizes of this belt squat belt. Even if you’re wanting to set up belt squats while using a loading pin and standing on two boxes the comfort of this belt is something you just have to have. One of the first things you will see used everyday in the gym.

Spud Inc 18” Tricep Strap: There are numerous uses for this tricep strap. One of our favorite movements in the gym with this strap is the face pull. Obviously, this is used for triceps and biceps but is also used in sled pulling and rows on the reverse hyper.

Spud Inc Long Ab Strap: The long ab strap is used for not only standing Abs on the lat pulldown, but it is also used for just as many other exercises like to be short tricep strap. This has been used for rows on the reverse hyper, face pulls, Spanish squats, and sled drags.

Spud Inc Suspension Straps: You can’t put a dollar amount on safety. These suspension straps have safely caught over 1000 pounds in our gym. The chains are nice as it makes it very easily adjustable for not only safety but adjusting them to do specific exercises for different

people of different heights.

Spud Inc Econo Lat Pulley: The econo pulley is probably the newest Spud Inc product we have in the gym, but would absolutely be a must have for any garage gym owner. I wish I had this product in my home gym before we moved into a physical gym location. So much variety this one small product can bring you.

Spud Inc Hanging Ab Straps: If you’re going to buy ab straps, why not buy the biggest and baddest ones you can find that will last you forever? Nothing else needs to be said about these.

Spud Inc Neck Harness: Pretty much the same situation with the hanging ab straps and that is why not buy a product that you know will last forever. Neck training is underrated and we use these a lot with our high school football players as well as any MMA athletes.

This is just a snapshot of the products that we have from Spud Inc. I’ve loved their products from the first time that I’ve purchased things from them and they have wonderful customer service as well. One thing I really enjoy about Spud Inc is that they continue to try and innovate and create new products and improve upon old ones. One example is their improvements they have made in their closures on their velcro belts. Below you can find a video tour of all the different Spud Inc products that we have in the gym. Check out and support these guys! Their products work, are safe, and last!

(Note: these are affiliate links that I can earn a small commission from if you purchase any of these products by using the links below.)

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