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Grocery Haul Breakdown

One of the most frequent conversations I have with clients is how to not only eat healthy, but to how to eat healthy on a budget. There is a major misconception that eating healthy is more expensive or too hard. I feel like I have really gotten to a point where I have perfected the "budget-friendly" healthy diet. So below I will breakdown what a weekly grocery haul looks for me and what goes into each meal. Also found below is the video of a lot of this but I will probably be a little more in depth in the article.

Side Note: I mention in the video that I follow the Renaissance Periodization diet app and they actually have a discount code set up for our gym. Use code "strengthempire" and you can get your first month of the app for $5 (instead of something like $16). Right now I a following a mini fat loss diet, working for around a 5lb weight loss in 8 weeks. Very simple and not very stressful. I am a big believer in the RP Principles and have been for quite some time, so you will likely continue to hear me reference them.

To start, I do as much of my shopping as possible at Aldi. I have found them to have just about the most competitive prices on "most" of what I am looking for. I will sometimes have to go to another grocery store to pick up a few odds and ends. This week's haul was right at $75, which will cover me for 5 meals per day for 6 days minimum, with a few of the items last me multiple weeks (they were either good buys or I was out of some staples, like olive oil). And this included a semi-cheat dinner which was about $10 in itself, bringing our net to just $65.

Meal 1: I already had coffee, but bought half and half for my creamer. Went ahead and bought 2 more dozen eggs at $0.80/dozen and those should last me a couple weeks. I also bought 4 quarts of egg whites, which will last me easily 4-6 weeks. They were under $2/qt so I stocked up. Last thing to pair with this is my carbs and venison sausage, which I already had both. I will rotate between a Kodiak Cakes pancake or some venison sausage and some packs of instant oatmeal. I have really grown to love this breakfast and my morning routine around this.

Intra-workout: So right now with my work schedule, my normal lifting sessions are starting somewhere between 10am and 12 noon. And I am a huge fan of intra-workout nutrition. So, I consume fluids during training as I have found that I don't like things like candy mid-lift. I drink a small protein shake as well as have some Gatorade during my workout. The reasoning behind intra vs post workout is to try to ramp up the prevention of muscle breakdown as soon as possible. When you lift weights, you are actually breaking down your muscle tissue and it is in the rebuilding and recovery process that we gain new muscle to fix the damage and the strength that goes with that. The Gatorade or simple carbohydrates help create an insulin spike, which begins the process of stopping the breakdown of muscle tissue - and the protein consumption is for the protein construction to have something to work with.

Post-workout meal: I tried to go with something that was quick and easily digestible this week - chicken and rice. I don't know why, but the meal of plain meat (either beef, venison, or chicken) paired with rice and only Montreal Steak Seasoning has been so delicious for me lately.

Other meals: I have 2 more meal before my night meal this week. Both of these meals ended up as pasta (I didn't have whole wheat but just normal pasta but that's not going to ruin everything) with meat sauce. I bought a few jars of sauce and will have leftover, and the ground sirloin I bought won't quite make it 6 days but I have some venison in the freezer that I will use to finish up this meal for the week. Also in this meal, I cooked down 2 packs of spinach and arugula to add something green into this week's meal plan.

Final meal: On the RP Diet, the last meal of the day always is a bigger meal. This is to be able to fuel your body through the night when it is essentially "fasting" for the time that you sleep. For my night cap this week, I bought some bread, peanut butter, and jelly to make some good ole fashioned sandwiches. This is paired with a protein shake to meet my macro needs and we're good to go!

So there you have it - a full write up of the grocery haul this week. Let me know what you think and make sure you check out the video to see everything "in real life"!

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