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NC Stones of Strength - Crowder's Stone

I guess this could be called the first "official" stone in the NC Stones of Strength series. I went on a hike w/ Ben Moore and my girlfriend Amanda Wilson and the dogs at Crowder's Mountain State Park in Kings Mountain, NC. We hiked the Crowder's Backside Trail, up the stairs to the summit and then descended down the Rock Top Trail near the communication tower. We chose this hike as it is one of the best hikes that is relatively close (45 minutes) from Charlotte.

It wasn't until the decent that we actually "stumbled upon" a suitable rock to potentially lift. Crowder's is a very rocky hike however there were practically zero stones that were liftable - they were all part of the actual mountain and not able to be lifted whatsoever. As we were walking down, I stepped on this rock and said "oh that one moved" and then preceded to attempt to lift it. It is somewhat of a tombstone shape, and for the longest time I couldn't get it off the ground. Ben, being the beast that he is, lifted the stone 3 separate times to chest height. It wasn't until we moved it down to flatter ground and off the pathway that I was able to lift it to a small plinth, or platform. Second guessing and watching the video, I now think I may have been able to lift it to the chest on that attempt had I tried. We also found another small stone that I shouldered and left next to it that one could warmup a little with.

The stone is located on the RockTop Trail (would be on your left if you take that trail to the summit towards the tower). Or on your right as you descend down that trail from the peak. I’ll have to go back someday with a scale to get actual weight (est. 250-300) as I was unprepared on this day. Maybe on that trip I will lift it to the chest. You can use the compass on the iPhone to get exact GPS coordinates if that would help you find it.

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