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Summer Strong 6 - A Way Throwback!

Decided to throw up 2 quick highlights from Summer Strong 6. This was my second Summer Strong and definitely not my last. But I happened to stumble across 2 pictures from this Summer Strong and just wanted to share 2 quick stories that go with them.

The first is this picture with Adam Nelson. Adam is a multi-time Olympic and World Championship medalist in the shot put, with a Gold in the 2004 Olympics and another Gold in the 2005 World Championships. This was my first time meeting Adam and he instantly became One of my favorite people to ever hear speak. He brings such fire, intensity, and passion to share his story and message. And he is a thrower! AND we had on matching shoes!

At this same Summer Strong, I had my first introduction to the sport of MAS Wrestling thanks to Steve Slater. Steve is “famous” in the strength world for his work with creating and working with strongman implements, mainly the Slater Logs for log press and the Slater Stones and Stone Molds for making Atlas Stone. I even competed in a mini- tournament for MAS and won a sweet 6-pack fitness lunch bag.

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