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Dreams Coming True

Pictures won’t do today justice. Today was something special. The environment in the gym today was amazing. The caliber of lifters gathered together could not have been beaten anywhere in the Carolinas on this day. In just this weekend, we’ve had 3 lifters from the CETC US Open, I know of at least 1 or 2 1000lb geared squatters, a 900lb raw squatter, multiple 700lb+ squats, geared lifters, raw lifters, weightlifters, newer lifters, and savvy veterans.

The quality of these people can’t be beat either! While sitting back and taking it all in, I watched almost everyone in the gym stop what they were doing when the next person was up to squat (or lift). You could see different people from different crews jumping in to spot, lift off, and encourage each and every lifter.

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