Justin Blatnik, MS, CSCS, CPT, USAW offers personal training to clients of any age range. Justin has experience that cannot be matched from normal "personal trainers". He has a very deep yet practical knowledge base backed by years of competitive strength sports and so many different experiences with clients with various health and injury backgrounds. Justin has worked with every age range -  middle and high school athletes, college athlete preparation, the Carolina Panthers, many general population clients post-physical therapy and with other various health issues, major weight loss clients, and national level lifters and athletes in the strength world.

Contact Justin at (919)924-3940 or strengthempiregym@gmail.comto set up your initial movement assessment and program planning session today!

What you can expect in your first session?

  1. We will take some time to go over your health and injury history. We will discuss your goals and what you are looking to get out of training with us. 

  2. Next, we will cover what your exercise or training regimen has looked like over the past few months. We will also cover basic nutrition information.

  3. We will then go through a basic movement assessment dependent upon your training background. You will need to be dressed to exercise but this session should not leave the gym feeling like you have done a full workout.

  4. After the assessment, we will figure out a plan moving forwards. I try to give you my honest opinion on what your training will need to look like give the goals you gave me paired with your movement assessment.

    • Obviously finances will be taken into consideration at this time as well trying to find something that will work best for you to achieve your goals.

"My wife and I have been training with Justin for four years he continues to improve our overall fitness and strength, at seventy the results have been fantastic. He is a true professional who focuses on your needs which was proven when we first started training. My wife had a hip replacement and her recovery was amazing. We both enjoy his focused workouts and fantastic attitude." - Richard Hassman