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Golf performance training

Work 1-on-1 with our head trainer, Cody King, to improve your golf game!

Cody himself is an avid golfer and trains not only to improve his golf game but to also compete in long drive competition. Through his training in the weightroom, Cody has added 10mph to his own swing. The sport has evolved over the years and specific weightroom training has sling-shotted goflers' success on the course. 

Cody will work with you to design workouts that will improve your club swing speed and ball velocity. Training sessions will have a big emphasis on basic strength through a full range of motion combined with different power/plyo exercises to increase athleticism and force development. Increased endurance will have you playing just as well on the back 9 as you do when you start the day. 

Cody can also help you with program design specific to your abilities and weaknesses to improve your game faster than you can hit a bucket of balls.

Reach out to use on our contact page and specifically request "Golf Prep with Cody".

"Over the past couple months I have been training with Cody, trying to gain swing speed and bettering my golf game. Cody is a good trainer and knows exactly what exercises to do help you achieve your goals. In just several months of training, I have gained a tremendous amount of speed and more flexibility. I’ve reached swing and ball speeds that I never thought I could but with his help I have and hope to keep getting faster. Working out with Cody had also helped with my confidence because I never thought I could get where I am today and he had shown me that I can." - Caleb Hensley 

Client Testimonial 

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