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What is RPR or the Reflexive Performance Reset?

"Reflexive Performance Reset is a system that athletes & strength coaches can utilize to immediately address pain, flexibility and performance in themselves and their athletes.


RPR™ is not a “treatment” and is not intended to “treat”, “fix”, “manipulate” or otherwise replace medical advice and/or treatment.


It is designed, however, to fundamentally shift our athletes from survival to performance.  When our body is in a state of survival, it utilizes compensation patterns that have long been known to be a main cause in injuries. Utilizing specialized wake up drills we can shift our body back to performance and therefore reduce pain, increase flexibility and help the athlete become more resilient to injury.


The thing that makes RPR so special is that is simple enough to teach a 10 year old to do the wake up drills themselves but complicated enough that it can explain almost every non contact injury you have ever see.


The job of the strength coach is to create stronger, more durable athletes who can not only perform better, but make it through an entire season feeling great. RPR is missing link that strength coaches have been missing. All the hours spent uselessly trying to get athletes to stop using harmful compensation patterns that were causing them hamstring & lower back tightness, can now be productive for producing athletes that feel better, and can make it through the season without hurting.


The best part of RPR is that we aren’t “fixing” anything on the athlete, we are just utilizing a system that allows the athlete to reset themselves and utilize their bodies in the amazing way it was meant to. The athletes have amazing abilities and RPR helps them to properly use it so they stay injury free."

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