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fat loss over weight loss

Working with us for your fat loss journey will not be something that you have experienced before. Our philosophy for fat loss isn't one that is countless hours of cardio and a super low caloric diet. We want you to take small, sustainable steps with the changes in your nutrition paired with consistent lifting sessions in the gym. We prefer to add in more cardiovascular work as you begin to progress in the gym. Contact us at to set up an initial consultation so that we can begin your plan to success.

Fat Loss Client Testimonial:

I've been training with Justin for almost 2 years now and it's probably the most fun I've ever had working out. Initially, my best friend had to practically drag me there because I hated the idea of working out in front of someone (especially a guy) and I hated the idea of paying someone to tell me how to exercise. I'll just say, I didn't know how much I didn't know about fitness until I met Justin. He's shown me a whole different side of working out that I didn't even know I had an interest in! He's so friendly, patient and motivating that I never feel self conscious around him. When I go through slumps or "fall off the wagon" Personal Training with Justin is the only thing that I consistently stick with (and actually WANT to stick with). 11 weeks ago I told him I wanted to lose 40 pounds by November; he helped me break it down into reasonable daily goals and he randomly sends me motivational texts throughout the week to encourage me to stick with it and take it a day at a time. Never have I seen a trainer have such a vested interest in his/her clients! He literally tailors each client's program to their specific goals and lifestyles! He has the education and background to be knowledgeable in the advice he gives, and if I ask a question that he doesn't know he actually takes the time to research it. Overall, I couldn't be happier with my experience with Justin at Strength Empire and the money is beyond worth the amount of time he puts in to improving your health and wellness! - Becca

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