Strength Empire Gym is a semi-exclusive strength training gym that will allow 24-hour access to a limited number of gym members. Our goal is to provide you with a top-notch facility with equipment that you won’t find in every gym in an environment that should never be over-crowded. Our membership and coaches have years of experience in strength sports and you will be hard-pressed to find another gym environment with this much knowledge and strength in the Charlotte metro area.

Our gym is located at 268-B Unionville Indian Trail Rd., Indian Trail, NC 28079. We are a 24-hour access facility to our members with day passes available upon request and appointment with the owner - Justin Blatnik. The gym caters to the more serious lifting individual, but we have members from all different backgrounds in the gym. We have everything you need for powerlifting,  weightlifting, and strongman.

As a powerlifting gym, we have over 3200lbs of Rogue-calibrated kg plates, monolift, 2 competition benches (one with a Thompson FatPad and the other with safety spotter arms),  body tempering devices, and plenty of places to deadlift. We have all the various specialty bars (including the Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar and Duffalo Bar, Safety Squat bars, Cambered Bars, Axle Bars), Texas and Rogue Ohio Power Bars, Texas Squat and Deadlift bars, Multi-grip Press bars, and plenty of chalk, bands and chains to fit your needs.

We have 3 full Olympic Weightlifting platforms outfitted with kilo-competition bumper plates, 1-kg change plate sets, and bushing and bearing bars. 2 of the platforms have squats stands available and the other has a full set of Jerk/Pulling Blocks.

Our other equipment in the gym includes a rare Matt Wenning Belt Squat, both 8", 10", and 12" diameter strongman logs, a strongmang Yoke, natural stone and atlas stone series, kegs and sandbags, farmers handles, dumbbells 3-125lbs, competition kettlebells 12kg-36kg, 3 full power racks with one being a Rogue Monster Rack with Jammer Arms on the trolley system), a dual-action pulley tower, lat pulldown with various grip attachments, glute ham raise, a 45-degree back raise, a Westside Reverse Hyperextension,  Concept 2 rower, battle ropes, InertiaWave, a pull sled, and a Prowler.

We wish to create a close-knit gym family environment that will bring the best out of each and every member!


Hands down, one of the best strength training environments in the Charlotte area. Have all the tools for powerlifting, olympic weightlifting, athletic training - whatever you are looking to accomplish. Justin is very knowledgeable, and practices what he preaches. Fun group of members who are supportive and open to new members.



Navigate the following pages below based off of your interests. What brought you here? We want to know so that way we can help you in the best ways possible.




















“Before going to play Division 1 Volleyball in the fall, I knew I needed the best of the best to prepare me for my upcoming season. I had heard of different trainers in the area but after hearing the success stories of Justin I decided to give him a shot. After the first day, I knew I was going to see results. The first couple sessions really tested my mental and physical strength and yes I was sore. But Justin continued to push me to work my hardest every time but always had my safety in mind. I lifted and did exercises I never dreamed I was capable of doing. The summer flew by and I knew at the end I was 100% ready for my next step… to play at USC Upstate. Once I got to Upstate and we began workouts I was far more advanced in my lifts and technique than many of the other girls even older than me. I am very thankful to have worked with Justin and look forward to working with him every chance I get when home on breaks.”


“When I met Justin, I was 6 months post-reconstructive shoulder surgery. I had been going to physical therapy, but it wasn’t getting any better and the pain was keeping me awake at night.  The very first day, Justin worked with me through some simple movements and rehab exercises that were different than anything I had done before. When the session was near completion, I was able to raise my arm, pain-free and higher than I ever could, even before the surgery.  I was amazed and knew I had done the right thing by answering his “Nextdoor” ad. I warned him I was going to be a challenge, and I was, but he rose to the occasion and worked wonders!  I worked with him once a week for 5 months.  Each week he worked my shoulder until I was able to get in a good work out.  He also taught me a thing or two about nutrition.  In the five short months, I lost 15 lbs and my shoulder is practically a non issue!  I am able to use it more than the doctors ever expected me to be able to at this point.  Justin has truly been my miracle story.  His vast knowledge combination of nutrition and workouts make him an exceptional personal trainer.  He not only can find exercises to work around an injury, but he can find ways to make your injury better so you can work out.  Thank you, Justin, so very much for creating a better version of me, I am extremely grateful! I would highly recommend anyone to Justin, without reservation.  To know me is to know that I don’t recommend people lightly; he is only the second person in my life that I have written a recommendation for, and I am old enough for that to be saying something.  He truly is a ‘Miracle Worker’. Thank you Justin!”


“The picture on the left was taken about 2 years ago. I was a member at Planet Fitness and had no idea how to do anything in the gym besides hitting the quick start button on the treadmill. I lost a couple pounds but eventually quit because I wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. A year later, nothing had changed so I joined a new gym and started some personal training in hope that someone could finally tell me what I needed to do. Today marks 1 year since I decided to change my lifestyle. When Justin started writing me programs, showing me the correct way to lift weights and got me off the cardio machines, I really started to see the results I wanted. In the past year, I have lost 25lbs and I am down 11% bodyfat. I didn’t make this change in my life for anything or anyone or to compete in any type of show. I workout for ME! So thank you Justin for constantly pushing me to my limits and out of my comfort zone. I wouldn’t be here without all of your help!”


Justin Blatnik - Owner

268-B Unionville Indian Trail Rd, West

Indian Trail, NC 28079

Tel: (919) 924-3940

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